Kelly Slusher

I'm playing July 11th!


It's true, my first solo show of the year will be at the Waypost July 11th in Portland! I'll be sharing the bill with Ro Yo, a hip gal from the Bay Area. Come on out and say hi!!!

The Waypost 3120 N. Williams, Portland Or




I joined Rocketship!


I've already announced it on Facebook and my blog and thought it is news-worthy for my website home page. It's true, I joined Rocketship, singing along side with Dusty Reske. The band is having a reunion tour and we are playing 4 shows. Tomorrow night is our first show which starts in Sacramento. I'm super excited about it. We are being filmed while this is all happening. I'll be posting stuff from the tour. I am still songwriting. I have a show on July 11th at the Waypost. I am able to do both, in fact being a hired musician makes me more inspired to write my own music. If you haven't already heard of Rocketship, check them out! They're lovely indeed.

Nonstop Co-op!


I am excited to announce that I have joined Nonstop Co-op, an independent cooperative record label from Portland Oregon. There are some other great artists on that label; Rocketship, Cynthia Nelson, Andrew Kaffer to name a few. I have a few albums already up on the website and will be adding an old unreleased album that has had several different titles through out the years and I have settled with "The Hidden Album". It is appropriately named since hardly anyone has heard, yet it is one of my favs that I've recorded.

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