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Kelly Slusher


I am a self-owned independent musician, visual artist and character actor/writer.

I play 7 instruments: guitar, bass guitar, drums, keys, recorder, ukulele and my singing voice (I consider an instrument). I hope to learn more through out my life. My favorite instrument is the drums and singing is also my favorite. I enjoy drawing and making collage videos. I like creating beauty in any artform, however that plays out. I love rhythm so much. I love dance parties. I love plants and animals. I've been making music since I was a little girl. I used to write a lot of poetry when I was young. And I also did a lot of sketch comedy to entertain my family. My father is an artist and my mother is very creative and I grew up always making stuff and I think that is why I am always making something new. I also make sketch comedy videos which is something I used to do also as a kid. It all just comes so natural for me.

I've been in a lot of bands throughout my life. Most notable is Crash and Britany and Avaleya and the glitterhawks. This past year I started playing solo again under my name Kelly Slusher. I used to play this music  for many years and took a 5-year hiatus. In my earlier years I was writing more sad/shallow types of songs. Back then I was very depressed and had so much anxiety and I wasn't in touch with my true feelings. I think artists need to be in touch with their true feelings, because art is an expression of the true self. It's really really deep. People still enjoy those older tunes of mine and I appreciate them too, but I have matured and so has my music. I've done a lot of inner work on myself to over come the deep inner sorrow I used to experience and I think my music reflects that.