Coffee Yoga

Hee hee! With all the different types of yoga that has been invented in the past few years I thought how funny it would be if coffee yoga existed! I created this video a few weeks ago.

I've been creating comedy skits since I was a kid. I would put skits on for my family and they'd all laugh. My brother, Kody, is super funny and we're eventually going to do some comedy together.

I started doing Meeka Napkins back in 2014 when I lived in Portland. Honestly I've resisted giving my acting/comedy any attention really. My first true love is music and I didn't really think I could do both because they are both so different. BUT I have made this commitment to do both. I'm actually a really good actor like I could do some real acting, so that is something I will consider if I ever get an offer for independent films. I love writing comedy scripts and I do get ideas for more drama serious stuff too. I'm working on a new sketch hopefully will be done by this weekend. I still have a day job so it takes time to get these created, filmed and edited.

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