Don't look at me, look at the berries

Don't look at me, look at the berries! My friend Jess took this photo of me the other day. She knows me very well and we were laughing at how perfect this photo is for how I actually feel about having my photo taken. There's a misconception that performers and musicians crave attention and I think in some cases it is true, for sure, but not in my case. I love my music and I enjoy sharing my music but I am not always comfortable in the limelight. BUT this is my gift and it was given to me by God to share with the world. I knew at a really young age why I came here to this planet. I was singing since I was about 6, I just loved it so much. I would spend hours daydreaming about how I wanted to sing and write songs when I grew up. I was obsessed, so it doesn't surprise me that I am still doing it. I went into hiding for many years and kept my music to myself and I think that is why the Kelly Slusher songs dried up for a while. I need not hide them from you guys. I'm not anymore and I can do this! I'm doing it look at me, oh wait focus on the berries:)

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