Fly Me to the Moon please!

Oh the joy I feel when play this classic tune. Oh and playing on my ukulele is an added bonus. The tone of the ukulele really fits well with my voice. I started learning some older songs that I’ve loved and listened to for years but never actually sang them. I started singing with a gypsy jazz band from this area I live in. They’re neighbors of some clients of mine and they invited me over to play some music with them. And I felt like I did in high school when I first was asked to play bass with some musicians I met. I was actually a bit anxious because I wasn‘t familiar with playing jazz. Which is kinda exciting because I’ve started to feel a little jaded with playing the same style for many years. Needless to stay that session with them was so fun and expanded me in such a new way. They love my voice as I sang along with them. So now I’ve been learning all sorts of jazz songs to sing and perform with them. And wow yes I have a jazz voice I never knew I had! 👌😊🤩

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