I've been preparing for live shows again! Woo hoo!

I've got my first show booked since I started playing Kelly Slusher music again on Saturday Feb 19th at Old Ironsides in Sacramento with Jem and Scout and Blunderbusst. In 2016 I had lost inspiration for writing KS music and last year I finally got inspired and started playing these sweet songs again and writing new ones. The coolest thing about the big break I took was during my hiatus I began making animations for my other music project Avaleya. I have so animations that I've created these past 4 years that I now have enough to display them during my live performances. Yeah for me! Yeah for my audience who gets to experience the sweet music that fits so perfectly with the images I've created. One fan told me they had never seen anything like this, that is combination is very original and unique. I agree! Please sign up for my mailing list because I'm gonna start using it more now that I'm back in full swing.

Love and Hugs! Kelly

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