Kelly Slusher is back, do you know what that means?

Updated: Jan 30

What a trip! I took a 5 year hiatus from writing Kelly Slusher music, I even called myself something else. It's a long story that is personal and I'll share that in more detail later. But in a nutshell back in 2014 my music stopped flowing through me. I wish I could explain my relationship to my music, Kelly Slusher music, it's not like anything I've ever done before or after. I eat and breathe this, it's a lifestyle, the music flows through me all day. So back in 2014 when my inspiration went away I was devastated. I did start doing my sketch comedy and that was great that I finally started doing that, but it's not the same for me. I don't enjoy acting as much as I enjoy writing and singing. So in 2015 I had an idea to sell all my music equipment and start over. I knew that when I did things like that bigger things would come to me. I wanted a new name and Avaleya appeared in a vision. I began just calling myself that and when I moved back to California I introduced myself as that. Always felt a little odd for me. But I kept telling myself, no this is who I am now. Weird I know but I am a weirdo and I have never been like the average person. I am OK with that. So in the fall of last year I began listening to some old Kelly Slusher tracks and slowly I realized I had basically buried this really important big part of myself. I cried when I realized what had been missing from my life. My MUSIC! So I put Avaleya a side for now (need a band for that project anyway) and just letting myself be with me and my tunes again. I never stopped writing music, I mean I have so much Avaleya music and songs I cherish but it's just not the same. It's like being in an amazing relationship with your truest of love and then breaking up and then dating someone else that isn't as cool, but they're pretty alright, but not your truest of love


I just wrote 5 new Kelly Slusher songs and oh what a feeling!!! That is what happens when I'm in the flow. It's flows effortlessly.

I did think about what other people would think of me and felt a little weird about it for 5 minutes and then thought "I don't care what other people think of me, I have to do what I have to do for myself, eff them if they don't like it". All love though!

But to be clear I go by Avaleya and also Kelly Slusher. It's just another name I have. There's way more to me than most people know. It's all beautiful and amazing I can tell you that. Really cool stuff.

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