My first band - Crash and Britany

My first band Crash and Britany was one wild ride from start to finish. Some remember us and that crazy that time. I was the singer/bassist, Mike Thiemann on drums, Huy Ngo on guitar. Our live shows were so loud the windows would rattle in clubs. That was never my idea and it did give me large amounts of anxiety but I went along with it. I would play out of 2 big bass cabinets and Mike would beat the sh*t out of his drums. I literally went opposite after the band broke up and began playing soft indie pop. It’s a blur to me when I think back because it all happened so fast and I never expected the response we got when we first came on the scene. We used to drive down to San Diego and play these really cool house shows with these emo punk bands. Once we played inside of a bathroom, because that just made the most sense right? I put my amp in the shower and stood on the sink counter with a mic and stand, with Huy and Mike crammed on the floor with a bunch of people squished in. Some kid was drinking scope I remember.

We opened up for Bikini Kill in LA way back in the day and I was so nervous to be sharing the stage with Kathleen Hanna. She was my shero and I was this scrawny 20 year old girl rocking my bass guitar in front of at least 900 people crammed in a warehouse. So many great memories. The other big thing we did was open up for Pearl Jam in front of 80,000 people. I was terrified. I think I had PTSD after that. I used to be so shy I could barely look at people when I would talk to them. So to get up in front of that many people was just overwhelming. But we did it and I am glad I faced that fear. What added to my fear was I was never a Pearl Jam fan and I didn’t think their audience would be into our emo punk noisy pop thing we were doing. Our manager got us the gig and how could we refuse that experience?

Here we are at San Fransisco Golden Gate park. Our friend filmed us on his Super 8 and that is why it looks all funky and grainy. I added our recording Faint and the thursday since it had no audio and I think they work nicely together. Let me know what you think, do you remember Crash and Britany? I'd love to hear from you!

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