My Lost Album

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I am glad to announce I have just released a 3 song single titled By My Side. It's a lost-and-found album. It was actually released back in 2011 and had been taken down off of CD Baby for no explanation and I think I just got distracted with other projects and it just kinda slipped through the cracks. I discovered it as I was going through some old KS songs. These songs are timeless. Sean Ongley produced the music and it has a very different feel than all my other songs. By My Side is this happy-go-lucky springtime vibe sounding song. Magic Waves is like you're at the ocean in the year 3000. And Love You Just the Same sounds like a scene from an 80's romantic movie being played during a montage where the lovers are thinking about each other and it's raining a lot.

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