Rudy Vallee, first pop icon singer what?

Okay I just learned about Rudy Vallee from exploring what was popular 100 years ago. So apparently he was the first person to sing in a more talking style which is how most modern singers now sing. His voice was so lovely and he had such a dreamy romantic style that it made women just swooned and melt and he became the very first pop icon. Another fun fact is since this was before the microphone was invented he used a megaphone while playing live so he could be heard. Extra cool points! He played his clarinet and saxophone before he started singing. His big smashing career faded when Bing Crosby hit the scene. What else is fascinating to me is he’s not that attractive, I mean he’s a little on the dorky side. But it’s true when you’ve got a nice voice looks don’t really matter! Check out his heart warming romantic music! My favorite is Oh Baby Where Can You Be? 💕😘

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